Thursday To-Do: BACA Monthly Meeting

Join Bicycle Advocacy for Central Arkansas (BACA) for its monthly meeting at 7 p.m., Thursday, June 4th at the Oyster Bar. Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola and his staff will discuss matters of concern to bicyclists, including the status of the Little Rock River Trail and the Clinton Library Bridge, future plans for bicycle paths and striped lanes, urban bicycle corridors, sharrows, among others. As always, there will be good food and company.

For more information, visit BACA’s website,


2 responses to “Thursday To-Do: BACA Monthly Meeting

  1. I attended a good part of the meeting. Mayor Stodola was well received by the big crowd of around 100? people. He and his staff were informative, knowledgeable and appeared to be strongly in support of bicycle trails. What a turnout!

  2. Urban bike corridors would be incredible. They need to reserve one road in downtown little rock for bikes only like they’ve done in major cities…….that would rock.

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