Power Down with a Hand Crank Food Processor!

C12004During the 2009 Arkansas legislature, my partner Eddy worked tirelessly to pass several energy efficiency bills. I often attended the committee meetings with him. At one of the meetings, I overheard a lobbyist for a utility company call environmentalists hypocrites. “What’s the first thing those environmentalists do when they get home? They plug their charger and power their cell phones.” Well, after the legislature failed to pass the bills, I bought a solar electric device charger, hand crank blender, and hand crank food processor as a protest. Take that, Entergy and SWEPCO! My use of electric devices and appliances will no longer pay for your lobbyists! (Well, at least some of my use won’t pay for them.)

Ever since I got it, I’ve been in love with my hand crank food processor! It does the job, and it uses no energy. An added bonus – my arms get a workout.

I bought my hand crank food processor from Peddler’s Wagon, but I don’t think the store sells it anymore. Search on Internet, and you should be able to find one.

Stop subsidizing Entergy and SWEPCO lobbyists! Power down with a hand crank food processor!

P.S. I plan to write about my solar electric device charger and hand crank blender in the near future, so stay tuned!


3 responses to “Power Down with a Hand Crank Food Processor!

  1. Here, here! I want to shake your hand, young woman.

  2. I applaud your efforts, but those people will never admit that anything you do is worthwhile. If you mention the solar charger, they will bring up all the power it took to manufacture it…just before they get started on the petroleum-based plastics in the food processor. Sadly, they just don’t see that every little bit helps.
    Keep on doing what you can! The effort is its own reward… 🙂

  3. Hi, K! Thanks for reading.

    You’re right that they’ll never get us. I’ve had one of the lobbyists tell me that he’s just trying to provide constant, reliable electricity service, and that he doesn’t understand why we’re against electricity. I don’t think he really got that we aren’t against him. We just want electricity to be produced, delivered, and used in the most efficient manner. When my partner tried to explain to him how CO2 stays in the atmosphere, he was taken aback. I guess he never thought about it that way.

    Whether or not they agree, every little bit helps! Our electricity use is about 600kWh per month, which is less than the national average of 900kWh per month. We hope to keep decreasing it by making our home more efficient.

    I appreciate your encouragement as I keep doing what I’m doing. And thanks for reading!

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