Farewell, Fannie Mae

Our friend Barbara's daughter, Elisabeth, and Fannie Mae.

Our friend Barbara's daughter, Elisabeth, and Fannie Mae.

Last week, on Wednesday night, Eddy and I found a opossum in our chicken co-op. We captured it so that it won’t harm our chickens and ducks. When we came home from releasing the opossum, we realized that our new baby chick, Fannie Mae, was gone. Eddy and I searched all over our yard, but she was nowhere to be found. We went to bed, feeling worried but hopeful since we didn’t locate her remains.

Thursday we looked for Fannie Mae but couldn’t find her. It was as if she disappeared without a trace. I became very depressed.

Later that day, Eddy found her remains. Sure enough, something had eaten her.

I know several people who have lost their birds to predators, but Fannie Mae was our first predator-related casualty since we started keeping chickens and ducks almost two years ago. Eddy and I became lax about cooping up the birds because we never saw any predator in our backyard. Fannie Mae suffered as the result, and we learned our lesson the hard way.

Fannie Mae was a very special chicken to us. I used to come home to find her perched on Eddy’s arm as he worked away on his laptop. One day I came home and saw Eddy wearing a hat made out of newspaper. Fannie Mae was perched on top of his head, pooping away happily.

She used to accompany me when I worked in my garden. She loved worms. She didn’t care if worms were bigger than her. She still ate them.

Eddy and I will miss Fannie Mae. Our friend, Barbara, and her husband, Hank, took the above picture. It’s one of only three pictures that we have of her. Eddy and I are absolutely terrible about taking pictures. After Fannie Mae passed away, we learned that we only have one fuzzy picture of her. Barbara and Hank gladly shared with us the two pictures that they had of her. Thanks, Barbara and Hank!

Life goes on despite setbacks. Eddy and I will remember the good times that we had with her, not the bad. (Well, except for that one time she poked my eye with her beak. Who can forget that?)

Rest in peace, Fannie Mae. We love you.


3 responses to “Farewell, Fannie Mae

  1. Was she taken during the day or was she out of her coop that night? I will probably have major raccoon and opossum problems since my new yard is adjacent to Rock Creek. I am wondering if I will need to keep hens in a movable chicken ark during the day so they won’t get eaten.
    RIP Fannie Mae.

  2. David, we think she was taken during the night. Since we never had predators before, we didn’t bother cooping them at night or day. They just roosted on top of their coop.

    Unfortunately, our two older chickens, Paris and Nicky, never liked Fannie Mae, so she had to roost somewhere else other than the coop. We think she may have roosted too low, and the opossum got her.

    Yeah, I recommend cooping them during the day, especially if you live in west LR. Too many predators out there.

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