Monday To-Do: Conway Green Drinks

GD0709Start your month off right with a good Green Drinks! Faulkner County Supporters of Sustainable Communities presents Conway Green Drinks – A Social Mixer Where People Exchange Green Ideas.

WHAT: Conway Green Drinks

WHEN: 5:30 p.m. on Monday, July 13th

WHERE: Doe’s Eat Place, 1010 Main Street, Conway 72032

Come out and socialize with others interested in sustainability and the environment! For more information about Conway Green Drinks, contact Cecilia Patterson at or Nancy Allen at


4 responses to “Monday To-Do: Conway Green Drinks

  1. Here’s a question. Since Conway is in a dry county, what do they drink? Milk? Grape juice?

  2. Mostly kool-aid, jcd. Just kidding. Come visit Conway and find out how green we have become.

  3. Hey, Jason! Eddy and I went last night, and Doe’s Eat Place didn’t ask us to pay for membership! We had fun with Conway enviros with Fat Tire in our hands!

  4. And Doe’s recycles bottles. Can’t say that about Vino’s or Flying Saucer….

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