Attenion, Central AR Cyclists!

littlerock_016_lA couple of weeks ago, I read the following public service announcement on the Arkansas Times and found it to be very informative.

When you enter the Junction Bridge from the North Little Rock side, do not hold the elevator door open for all comers and their bikes. When the elevator door doesn’t close when it wants to, the elevator will “time out” and shut down, forcing someone from the county or the elevator company to come to the bridge and reset the machine.

I live in downtown Little Rock and bike to the Certified Arkansas Farmers’ Market. I’ve had to carry my bike (and produce) up and down the stairs so many times on the Junction Bridge. Now I know what has been causing the elevators to shut down.

Billie Ann Myers, chair of the Pulaski County Bridge Public Facilities Board, asks that no more than five people or three bikes get on the elevator at one time. And if the elevator isn’t working, call the county or push the button on the elevator that says it’s out of service and needs work. That way, it’ll be fixed much faster.

Take heed, central Arkansas cyclists! Now , can we build the Rock Island Bridge and close the loop? That’s a discussion for another day….


One response to “Attenion, Central AR Cyclists!

  1. Thanks. I needed one more reason to get honked off at those spandex-clad middle-aged in-the-middle-of-the-road bicyclists who are all over the place on Saturday mornings! GRR…

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