Preservation Technique: How to Freeze Peppers


I love this time of the year. There are so many beautiful peppers growing and being sold everywhere.

Did you know that freezing peppers is really easy? Here’s what you do:

  1. Select peppers without blemish or bruise.
  2. Wash and slice peppers.
  3. Place sliced peppers on a pan lined with freezer paper.
  4. Stick pan in freezer.
  5. Place frozen pepper slices in freezer bag.

Easy, huh? I freeze all sorts of peppers and throw them into red beans and rice, chili, etc., in winter. Yum!

So this weekend, grab some peppers at the Certified Arkansas Farmers’ Market and freeze them!


3 responses to “Preservation Technique: How to Freeze Peppers

  1. So I’ll see you at the market in the morning?? I’m gonna try smoking some for “chipotle” type peppers. Very yummy in winter beans, soup, or chili!!

  2. Can I seed and half banana peppers to freeze so they can be fried later? Or does the freezing make them too mushy?

  3. Hi, Melinda! Thanks for reading.

    Seeding is always a good idea. When unseeded, I think they become bitter in taste.

    Mostly, frozen peppers are for cooking, stewing, stir-frying, etc. I’ve never fried them, so I don’t know if they become too mushy, but I may try that just as an experiment. I’ll report back if I do.

    Again, thanks for reading!

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