Thursday To-Do: FFAEC Green Economy Group Meeting


In Spring 2009, the City of Fayetteville hosted the Fayetteville Forward Summit, an open, inclusive, participatory event that brought forth the best ideas to create a compelling vision for the future of Fayetteville. The result of this summit has established a foundation for economic development – moving the City of Fayetteville Forward for a sustainable future.

The Fayetteville Forward Accountability Economic Council (FFAEC) was established to develop and carry out action plans from the conference. Its Green Economy Group will hold a meeting tomorrow, between 8-9:30 a.m. in Room 111 at the Faytteville City Hall (123 W. Mountain Street). FFAEC’s Green Economy Group will discuss its previously proposed Action Items:

  1. Green Jobs Training Center
  2. Local Energy Alliance
  3. Energy Corps
  4. Education/Awareness of the Cost Benefits of Resource Management

If you are passionate about helping Fayetteville grow its green economy, create jobs, increase tax base, save money on energy bills, minimize resource consumption and lower carbon footprint, come to the meeting!

For more information, contact Keaton Smith at (479)879-7922 or


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