Meet Local Green Peeps!


Chances are, if you are reading this, you support green causes. You go to meetings, you visit local farmers’ markets, and soon you start running into familiar faces. You know their names, but have you ever wondered what they do to be ? Well, Meet Local Green Peeps! hopes to satisfy your curiosity about area green people and what they do to be GreenAR in the Natural State. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Vital Statistics (Name & Location): Nancy E. Landrum, Sherwood, AR

What Do You Do?: I teach strategic management and sustainable business courses at niversity of Arkansas at Little Rock. In addition, I research and publish on topics related to sustainable business (my new book has just been released! Sustainable Business: An Executive’s Primer). I have a consulting business, Sustainable Business Design, and I am working with others to launch the Sustainable Business Network of Central Arkansas. As if these ventures don’t keep me busy enough, I am the proud mother of two lovely daughters.

Steps Taken to be GreenAR: I do all I can to support the growth and development of the local sustainable business community. I am also trying to be a good role model and teach my children to make sustainable lifestyle choices and to give back to our community. For example, for my daughter’s 8th birthday, instead of additional gifts (which we don’t need), her chosen “birthday gifting project” asked for ready-made food and snack items which we delivered to a local food bank.

Hard-to-Take Steps: Reducing the impact of my daily commute and travel between meetings/appointments. I wish I could live the “slow” life, but it’s a far off vision.

Future Steps to be GreenAR: Promote wider adoption of green business practices; continue the journey toward making better lifestyle choices and teaching my children.

Favorite AR Groups: It would have to be our fledgling Sustainable Business Network of Central Arkansas. I’m quite excited at the potential and look forward to this group taking off. We expect this group to be a source of networking, education, mentoring, and promotion for sustainable and green businesses.

If You Can Do One Thing to Make the Natural State Even More Natural, What Would You Do? Improve recycling programs across the area, expand public transportation options, require sustainability education in elementary, secondary, and higher education, create more options for renewable energy… oh, wait, did you say “one”?

Know a green Arkie? Leave a comment and let me know how I can get in touch with him or her.


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