Saturday To-Do: Help Clean Fourche Creek!

FCSights_1Join City of Little Rock, Keep Little Rock Beautiful, and Village Commons for a big cleanup effort on the Fourche Creek, tomorrow, September 19, in conjunction with the International Coastal Cleanup Day.

The groups will meet at Benny Craig Park at 8 a.m. for instructions, drinks and snacks. The plan is to group into pairs in canoes and flat-bottom boats and work in teams to collect trash at the different collection sites between Benny Craig and Interstate Park . There will also be a team on the ground at both Benny Craig and Interstate Park for trash data collection.

WHAT: Fourche Creek Cleanup

WHEN: Saturday, September 19 – 8 a.m. – noon

WHERE: Benny Craig Park

The Fourche Creek Watershed is one of the largest urban watersheds in the country, THE largest in Arkansas. The watershed drains and filters runoff from Little Rock, Arkansas’ capital.

Despite decades of abuse, Fourche Creek continues to support a highly diverse population of flora and fauna and an 1,800 acre core bottomland region that still maintains its wetland functions and character.

For more information about the Fourche Creek, visit

Don’t want to get wet but want to take part in this excursion down the Fourche? Follow Village Commons on Facebook and Twitter! The group will be floating along and getting grubby with Keep LR Beautiful and the City folks, and posting and tweeting about what it sees – the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the slightly suspect.

So grab a cup of coffee, hop onto Facebook or Twitter, and make this little trip with Village Commons as it cleans up, corrals a few stray tires, and brings awareness to one of our state’s most important – and most neglected – watersheds. Maybe you’ll see the Fourche in a new way – and come with us next year!

UPDATE: Fourche Creek cleanup has been postponed to October 10 due to high water levels in the creek. I apologize for any inconvenience.

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