Guest Post: Eddy Moore – Build a Bamboo Clothes Drying Rack!


There is a lot of bamboo out there. I am not saying it is a weed because some people think it is a wonderful thing. But, if you want something rigid enough to make a clothes rack, there are people everywhere who are trying to get at least some of it out of their yard.

We hang small clothes on folding indoor racks (we move them out into the sun if the weather is good). But for sheets and towels, your neighbor’s extra bamboo makes a great, light, mobile rack.

Here is my design (send us yours!). Make two tripods, each with three long, thick poles. I use a wide drill bit (maybe ½ inch or bigger) and either join the tops of the tripods with a thinner bamboo stick or use twine to join them.

The tripods will still be unstable, so drill holes about a foot from the bottom, and pin them apart with small bamboo rods. You can use twine to tighten the bottom of the tripod together. Now they are rigid, but light enough to carry around the yard.

Now to turn your tripods into a rack. Put another long bamboo rod across the top of the two tripods. That is your main drying pole, for big things like sheets, because it is high off the ground.

Lower on each tripod, drill other holes and pass a loop of twine through each one. You can hang several more poles through these loops, increasing the capacity of your rack.

It disassembles easily and is light to move around to follow the sun. The rods will crack after a year, but still be good for at least two years. Don’t worry, there is more bamboo out there.


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