Tuesday To-Do: Conway Association of Pedestrians Monthly Meeting

Conway Association of Pedestrians

Conway Association of Pedestrians envisions Conway as a city where cars, bikes, and pedestrians are all able to access the needs of life (shopping, dining, entertainment) on an equal footing. This involves primarily the completion of sidewalks throughout Conway, as well as a usable public transport system within Conway and to Little Rock.

The Conway Association of Pedestrians is dedicated to promoting pedestrianism for a variety of reasons:

  • For the community, shopping locally promotes local growth, and a vibrant downtown builds on itself. Also, as Conway has grown traffic has become more and more of a problem. Every car taken out of the equation helps everyone.
  • For the individual, walking is part of a healthy lifestyle. For those that walk, regardless of the reason (dogs, children, whatever), the places you want to walk should be safe and accessible.
  • And for the planet, walking can help reduce energy consumption.

Conway Association of Pedestrians holds its monthly meeting every 3rd Tuesday of the month. This month, the group meets at Doe’s Eat Place in Conway. Check it out!

For more information, visit the group’s website at www.walkingconway.com.


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