Green Your Travel: Carry Local Foods in Wrap-N-Mat & snackTAXIs!





Recently Eddy and I went to Charleston, South Carolina. Our flight had a layover just in time for dinner, but instead of eating unhealthy food at the airport, we ate Arkansas grown cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, and apples. Our main course was peanut butter and jelly sandwich made with homemade bread and jelly.

Eddy and I are frugal people. We hate to spend money on expensive airport food. We are also very committed to reducing our environmental footprint. We believe airport food creates A LOT of trash.

So, we carry locally grown and/or homemade foods in reusable containers. On our trip to Charleston, we carried our dinner in Wrap-N-Mats and snackTAXIs. I discovered Wrap-N-Mats and snackTAXIs after Eddy’s sister gave them to me for Christmas. They are basically reusable Ziplocks. Wrap-N-Mat holds your sandwich and becomes your place mat when you eat. snackTAXI holds everything from chips to sugar snap peas. After you eat, clean your Wrap-N-Mats and snackTAXIs, and they are ready for the next day.

On my recent trip to DC, I forgot to take my own food and ended up eating at the airport. The food didn’t taste great, and I felt bad about all the trash and eating unhealthy. Fortunately, I had an Arkansas black apple in my purse. I felt so much better after I bit into it.

So, do your best to green your travel! Carry local foods in Wrap-N-Mats and snackTAXIs!

For more information about Wrap-N-Mats, visit For more information about snackTAXIs, visit


One response to “Green Your Travel: Carry Local Foods in Wrap-N-Mat & snackTAXIs!

  1. Great post. I just ordered a to-go ware tiffin and utensil set for my lunches, but Jay and I have been using cloth bags for snacks for a while. We like the ones from and we also use silk bags for bulk goods (instead of those flimsy plastic ones) from

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