Green Your Party: Drink Organic Wine!

Okay, okay. The last two tips were a bit difficult. Here’s an easy one.

Green your party by drinking organic wine! Eddy and I eat locally as much as possible. Drinking locally, however, has been very difficult for us. We like our wine dry and not-so-sweet. Arkansas has several wineries, but we have yet to find a bottle that satisfies our palate. Drinking organic, therefore, has been our compromise.

Eddy and I like to drink organic wine with, what else, slices of homemade bread topped with homemade chèvre. They go so well together that I could eat them all night long.

So, next time you host or attend a party, be sure to drink organic wine!


2 responses to “Green Your Party: Drink Organic Wine!

  1. Could you give some tips for which wines to buy? I’m with you on the Arkansas wines – can’t do it. I’ve been a little shy around the organic wines, too, and I’ve yet to find a knowledgeable sommelier.

  2. Hi, Laney!

    Thanks for reading, and I apologize for getting back with you so late.

    I drink Santa Julia Organic Cabernet Sauvignon. I’m usually not a cabernet person, but that’s the wine that my closest liquor store carries, and it’s actually pretty good. The price is reasonable, too, which is an added bonus.

    Again, thanks for reading!

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