Be an AmeriCorps Volunteer & Help Make Houses More Energy Efficient!

Come join the William J. Clinton Foundation and the State of Arkansas by serving in their innovative residential energy efficiency retrofit program in Little Rock!!

In addition to creating unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions, families living in high-energy-use homes are forced to spend more on utility bills, often diverting resources from basic living expenses. HEAL AR is designed to decrease the cost of utilities for Low to Moderate Income (LMI) people by providing residential energy efficient audits. Once audits are performed, AmeriCorps members in service will retrofit the homes to be more energy efficient.

In addition to receiving AmeriCorps basic training, you will learn–(both on the job and in the classroom) basic building science; skills and theory of energy efficient retrofits and operation of specialized equipment (blower doors, duct blasters, etc.). Project specific training will satisfy all OSHA, EPA and HUD requirements for health (Lead, asbestos, mold and combustion), job site (personal protective equipment, stairways and ladders, scaffolds, fall protection, electrical and fire prevention), and tool safety. Additionally, Standard First Aid and CPR training will be provided, along with applicable “green” training/certifications throughout the project year. HEAL AR will promote a diverse work environment for all of its members.

For the HEAL AR project, your living allowance is $950 per month. In addition, HEAL AR AmeriCorps members may be eligible to receive health insurance, and members who complete a full-time term of service will receive an AmeriCorps Education Award currently valued at $4,725. The education award may be used to pay for schools you currently attend, as well as past loans or future enrollment. Additionally, if you currently have student loans, you may qualify for postponement, or forbearance, of the repayment of your student loans during your term of service.

To apply, go to, click on ‘Advanced Opportunity Search’ and search for HEAL AR under ‘Program Name’. If you have any questions, please contact Tammy Agard at or Johnnie LaCaze at Deadline for applications is December 18, 2009.


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