Tell ADEQ to Stop Dirty Coal! Comment Deadline Today!

Stop Entergy Arkansas From Raising Rates
$1.04 Billion!

Stop Entergy Arkansas From Raising Your Rates!
Stop Entergy Arkansas From Raising Your Rates!

Today, Tuesday, November 24, is the last day to submit your comment against prolonging the life of the White Bluff coal-fired power plant in Redfield, Arkansas.

Entergy Arkansas is asking the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) to approve an air permit that would prolong the life of its White Bluff coal-fired plant. If ADEQ grants the permit, Entergy will dump $1.04 billion of ratepayers’ money into retrofitting its plant. Instead of sticking ratepayers with a billion dollar charge to keep burning dirty coal, we should instead look to cleaner, less expensive ways to meet our state’s power needs.

Tell the ADEQ to say “NO” to Entergy Arkansas’ plans. Don’t let Entergy Arkansas dump your dollars into a scheme that locks Arkansas into dirty coal and out of a cleaner energy future.

Other energy providers have already expressed interest in replacing White Bluff’s dirty coal power with power from cleaner burning natural gas. With your help, we can wean Arkansas off coal and reduce the state’s carbon footprint.

Chaining ourselves to the fate of a dying coal plant will leave us years behind competing states. Now is our chance to step forward and make Arkansas a cleaner energy leader, but we just have until 4:30 p.m. today. Please take action now.


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