Fiskars is Giving Some Green to Community Gardens

Community groups across the United States and Canada are about to receive a big boost to their efforts, thanks to Fiskars Project Orange Thumb. Fiskars, the world’s number one scissors brand and a leader in the garden tool industry, has announced the beginning of its 2010 Project Orange Thumb Grant Program. Applications are currently available for grants worth up to $2,000 in garden tools and green goods.

Since its inception in 2003, Project Orange Thumb has provided more than 110 community groups with over $300,000 for their gardens. These included garden projects geared toward community involvement, neighborhood beautification, sustainable agriculture and/or horticultural education.

In 2009, 20 groups received grants for gardening projects that supplied thousands of pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables to food local banks, educated community members on sustainable agriculture, and provided places of beauty and rest for entire communities.

Applications for grants are available on the Project Orange Thumb website,, and are open to any community group for use on a gardening project. Past recipients have included school and church groups, master gardener groups and community organizations.

For more information on Project Orange Thumb, visit


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