CO2 is NOT Cool

On December 7, the Environmental Protection Agency ruled that greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane endanger public health, thus subject to EPA regulation under the Clean Air Act. Whatever you may have heard from right wing wackos, the so-called “endangerment findings” do not apply to you exhaling CO2 while you breathe. (I actually read a letter to the editor claiming as such. ) The EPA ruling establishes a basis for the agency to move forward and propose future standards for regulating greenhouse gas emissions. The EPA made the ruling in response to the 2007 Supreme Court decision that found greenhouse gases as air pollutants to be covered by the Clean Air Act.

So, what does this mean for large emitters like power plants? Glen Hooks with the Sierra Club and Eddy Moore with the Arkansas Business Leaders for a Clean Energy Economy weigh in on the issue in this week’s Arkansas Times. Check it out!

One thing is certain: whether by the EPA or Congress, greenhouse gases will be regulated in the future. Period. Energy efficiency and clean energy will help the U.S. hedge against the risks associated with dirty old power, i.e., coal and oil. Call Senators Lincoln and Pryor today and tell them to support comprehensive climate change and energy legislation!


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