Clean with Biodegradable Sponges!

Japanese celebrate New Year’s Day, and I’m no exception. We eat noodles on New Year’s Eve for longevity. On January 1, we eat LOTS of New Year’s Day food. I’m busy whipping them up as we speak and will post some pics later this week.

Another New Year’s Eve tradition in Japan is to clean the house. Called Oosouji, we clean the house to rid clutter and dirt from the old year and welcome the new year with a clean house. If you haven’t heard from Eddy or me recently, that’s what we’ve been doing.

I usually use old t-shirts to clean, but some times t-shirts just don’t do the job. What do I use instead? Biodegradable sponges!

I first discovered them at the Ozark Natural Foods in Fayetteville. They work great! They’re durable and get the job done. When you finish using them, throw them in your compost bin!

I use biodegradable sponges made by Twist. They’re dye-free and made with 100% celluose fiber. You can even recycle all of their packaging, too!

Be sure to keep the sponges dry, or they do biodegrade before their time.

Whether or not you clean before the New Year, green your cleaning in 2010 by switching to biodegradable sponges!


One response to “Clean with Biodegradable Sponges!

  1. Those look great. Microfiber cleaning cloths work really well, too.

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