Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies!

I’m a frugal person. I blame my mother for that. My mother is also OCD about cleaning the house. Fortunately or unfortunately, I didn’t inherit that trait.

Being OCD yet chea…, um, frugual, my mother taught me that you only need a few products to clean the house. One of them is rubbing alcohol. To this day, I use it to clean around the house.

If rubbing alcohol doesn’t do the job, I whip out my homemade cleaning products. I love this All-Purpose Cleaner recipe. I use it for deep cleaning. For deeper cleaning, I mix baking soda and water and scrub with a sponge. Borax works great on toilet bowls, and water and vinegar make a fantastic glass cleaner!

According to Eddy’s father who taught college chemistry for over four decades, most commercial cleaning products contain way too much fluff and very little cleaning agents. Instead of paying $4 for fluff, why not make your own cleaning products and save money? An added bonus: they’re better for the environment.

Check out the Resources page for eco-friendly cleaning recipes!


2 responses to “Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies!

  1. It’s really amazing how well these simple, eco-friendly products can clean. For shower mildew, tea tree oil is a little more expensive but works really well.

  2. Interesting article. Are these practices really more effective with its end result?

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