Brushed Teeth & Saved the Environment!

If you are a longtime reader of GreenAR by the Day, you know how much I love Preserve toothbrush. They’re made from plastic yogurt containers, and after you finish using them, you can send them back to Preserve, and they will turn them into recycled plastic lumber. Preserve even pays for the postage. Sweet!

Well, I’m happy to report that, as part of our continuing effort to clean the house for the new year, Eddy and I shipped back 8 toothbrushes to Preserve. It was our first time to ship them to Preserve because the company, being oh so green, asks that you ship multiple brushes at a time. A year-worth of toothbrush shipped and out of the house! It felt so good!

Haven’t made a switch to Preserve toothbrush? Give it a try in 2010. They cost about $3 each, so they’re kind to your wallet, too!

For more information about Preserve toothbrush, visit


One response to “Brushed Teeth & Saved the Environment!

  1. I have read a similar post on this subject before. If you think about the amount of toothbrushes that get thrown away on a daily basis throughout the world, then you have to consider the amount of plastic that is going to go to waste. Recycling plastic takes years to degrade, so why let it. There are many companies out there that are starting to appear, with the intention of creating something from unwanted plastics.

    Here is a company from the UK, that pride thereselves in creating gardening and outdoor products from recycled plastics.

    They also retail the plastic lumber required to make these products. These fall into two categories.

    Pure recycled plastic.


    Composite recycled plastic, which is made up of mixed plastics.

    Nice to see people really thinking about alternative ways to help their carbon footprint further.

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