Insulate Your Attic!

Attic insulation is another energy efficiency measure that Eddy and I took after our energy audit over a year ago. There are several advantages to insulating your home:

  1. Proper insulation reduces energy costs.
  2. A well-insulated structure does not gain or lose heat as quickly as a poorly-insulated one, so it is easier to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  3. The retention of conditioned air lowers the demand on the heating and cooling systems. This reduces operating costs and extends the life of the system.

Eddy and I finished insulating our attic this past fall, and boy, we are loving it! Before the cold spell hit, we rarely had to turn on our heater, and we think it’s because of our new insulation.

For the best price, get quotes from several insulation installers in your area.

This year, insulate your attice and save money and energy!


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