Message from 1Sky: Call Your Senators Today & Urge Climate Action!


Can you take five minutes and make two simple phone calls to push our leaders for a clean energy future?

Our path forward in 2010 is very clear – we must show the U.S. Senate that public support exists to pass climate legislation for green jobs, the climate, and our future.

Join us as thousands of supporters and activists gather by their phones to flood Senate offices with calls for a clean energy future. Senate action is critical to ensuring that the global community can move forward. We will send a real message to the U.S. Senate on the eve of the 2010 campaign season.

  • Blanche Lincoln
    • DC Office – (202)224-4843
    • Little Rock Office – (501)375-2993 or (800)352-9364
    • Dumas Office – (870)382-1023
    • Jonesboro – (870) 910-6896
    • Fayetteville Office – (479) 251-1224
    • Texarkana Office – (870) 774-3106
  • Mark Pryor
    • DC Office – (202) 224-2353
    • Little Rock Office – (501) 324-6336 or (877) 259-9602

Leave a comment if you made the calls!

For more information, visit


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