Save Water & Energy with Low Flow Aerators!

watersave_aerator_15gpmEddy and I switched to low flow aerators about a year ago. We’re loving them! They are cheap, costing less than $5 each. They save water and lower utility bills because you would use less hot water. Low-flow aerators will generally pay for themselves in only a few months. Isn’t that great?

How do you tell if you need one? Check the numbers printed on the side of the aerators on your faucets. The rate should read 2.75 gallons per minute (gpm) or lower. Replace if over 2.75 gpm.

I checked the aerators in our bathroom and kitchen before we made the switch. They all read 2.0 gpm. We replaced the bathroom aerators with the ones that use only 0.5 gallon of water per minute. We’ve been loving them since!

We bought our aerators from eartheasy, but many retailers offer different models of low-flow aerators, from 0.5 gpm to 2.0 gpm. Check them out and start saving water and energy!


One response to “Save Water & Energy with Low Flow Aerators!

  1. low flow? how about No Flow! Check out this Patented Automatic Shut Off Aerator – The lever has to be pushed back to allow water to exit. NO more wasted water, whoohoo!

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