Green Your Office: Ecofont

Install Ecofont and save ink, money, and the environment! Created by a Dutch company, the Ecofont is a free downloadable font that cuts ink consumption by 20 percent. How does it cut ink consumption? By being holey! The Ecofont appears at small sizes like any other type, but each letter is actually filled with tiny, inkless circles. According to the company, the design minimizes ink usage by up to 20 percent.

I’ve installed Ecofon my computer, and my documents print perfectly fine. I like that it helps me save money by using less ink and the environment by creating less waste (fewer discarded ink and toner cartridges). If you do a lot of printing, I highly recommend installing the Ecofont.

The Ecofont is compatible with Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux, and works just fine in OpenOffice, AppleWorks, and MS Office 2007. You can download it for free from their website,


2 responses to “Green Your Office: Ecofont

  1. Pretty cool “creation”. Thanks for the information!

  2. If you like Ecofont you will love PretonSaver Home. Here is why:
    1. works with all prints, all fonts
    2. You don’t need to change the way you work
    3. Save up to 70% ink and toner
    4. Save on graphics and pictures

    Get a free download at

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