Lose Stuff!

I’ve been losing stuff lately. And if you just said, “Nao, you’ve been losing your sanity lately,” well, I’ve been losing that for a long time, so that doesn’t count.

When I say stuff, I mean “stuff.” A bread machine, stand mixer, bookcase, chair, tea kettle, clothes, pots and pans, books. The list goes on.

When I first met Eddy, I was struck by his collection of books, or rather by lack thereof. He was an English major, and he owned about 10 books – literally. I think his book collection shrank further since we started going out.

He decided to lose books after he moved several times. Why move heavy books if you aren’t going to read them? In this time and age, if you want to read books, you can always buy or borrow them.

After we met, I sent many of my books to the local library. Eddy and I consolidated our household items, sending unneeded ones to thrift stores. We learned to bake bread without a bread machine, thus selling ours on Craigslist.

Why would we need a tea kettle when we have pots? Why would we need a stand mixer when we have a hand held one?

Losing stuff feels great! It feels empowering to be able to live without many electrical appliances. You use less electricity, too!

Most importantly, though, I feel my mind is less cluttered when we have less stuff. I know where things are, thus wasting less time.

Look around to see what you can live without. Sell unwanted stuff on Craigslist, eBay, or Amazon. Donate stuff to charities, thrift stores, and local libraries. You’ll be amazed at how little we need to live.


2 responses to “Lose Stuff!

  1. You’re absolutely right, clearing clutter really clears my mind and frees you up. How much stuff do we really need?

  2. I feel the same way, especially about books. There are only a handful I ever want to read more than once, so why hold on to the rest?

    ps: love your blog!! I just found it not too long ago.

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