Green Your Office: GreenPrint

Some posts are worth repeating.

You print an email. You get a copy of the email, but you also get a sheet of paper that has Page 2 of 2 written on it and nothing else. You throw the wasted page in a recycling bin, but don’t you wish you never get a wasted page in the first place? Well, make your wish come true with GreenPrint, a software that prevents wasted pages from being printed. GreenPrint analyzes the content of each print job for pages that have wasteful characteristics. It automatically removes pages with just a banner ad, URL footnote, etc., helping you save paper, ink, and trees. According to its website, an average worker prints six wasted pages per day That’s 1,410 wasted pages per year! Printing wasted pages costs money as well. Each wasted page costs a company about $0.06. Multiply $0.06 times 1,410 by the number of employees, and that’s a substantial amount of money per year if you have a large company. In fact, a Fortune 500 company using GreenPrint would save over $2 million and prevent 4,000 trees from being cut each year. Wouldn’t it be nice if every computer in the U.S. uses GreenPrint?

GreenPrint is compatible with both Windows and Mac and available at no cost to home users. It costs $70 per license for businesses, but compared to the number of paper reams and ink cartridges you would be saving, I think it’s a no-brainer question. GreenPrint also offers volume discounts and site licenses as well as 50% discount for educational institutions and environmental non-profits. So, download GreenPrint and start saving money and trees!

For more information about GreenPrint, visit their website,


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