Guest Post: Eddy Moore – May I Eat Your Lint?


Some posts are worth repeating.

Does your dryer take forever to dry clothes? That is probably because there is lint stuck in the pipe.

No one ever actually cleans this stuff out. Except my dad, who said his dryer suddenly dried clothes in half the time after someone came to clean out the exhaust pipe. All across America, 100,000,000 dryers (exact scientific fact) are running about twice as long as necessary, burning up excess gas or coal, and their owners’ time and money.

So, I have a tool called the LintEater. It is a circular brush that attaches to a drill, with a few flexible extenders so you can send it up the pipe from the outside. I pulled a ton of lint out of my dryer exhaust pipe this weekend that had probably been gunking it up since 1995, when it was installed.

If you want to experience the same dusty bliss, either pay $30 for a LintEater, or just borrow mine.

Nao here. If you live in central Arkansas, don’t buy a LintEater. Just borrow ours. Leave a comment saying you’re interested, and I’ll email you the details.


2 responses to “Guest Post: Eddy Moore – May I Eat Your Lint?

  1. I am SO interested…AND I live in Little Rock!! Tell me what to do… 😉

  2. I just realized my email address was previously unavailable. I’ve since fixed that.

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