Call Your Senators & Tell Them to Support Climate Change Legislation!


Two days ago marked the beginning of a new campaign to push for comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation in the U.S. Called “72 Hours For Clean American Power,” the campaign urges Americans to contact their senators, write letters to newspapers, and spread the word on social media sites about climate action. Dozens of environmental, faith, student, veteran, and labor organizations – representing millions of supporters – are taking part in this campaign. Repower America, one of the organizations participating in the campaign, got 21,000 calls into the Senate office in 24 hours! That’s amazing!

Today is Day 3 of the campaign. Please call your senators and tell them you support comprehensive energy and climate change legislation!

Here are the numbers for our senators:

  • Blanche Lincoln
    • DC Office – (202)224-4843
    • Little Rock Office – (501)375-2993 or (800)352-9364
    • Dumas Office – (870)382-1023
    • Jonesboro – (870) 910-6896
    • Fayetteville Office – (479) 251-1224
    • Texarkana Office – (870) 774-3106
  • Mark Pryor
    • DC Office – (202) 224-2353
    • Little Rock Office – (501) 324-6336 or (877) 259-9602

Once connected, remember to say that:

  • You’re a constituent
  • You want your Senators to pass strong clean energy and climate legislation this year
  • You want a strong bill that invests in clean energy, creates millions of jobs, and sets a limit on harmful carbon pollution from all sectors of our economy

We want to make sure the Senate understands the urgency to get moving on climate legislation NOW. It will only take a few moments, and every call is important. Every call will make our point loud and clear.

So, call your senators NOW and tell them you want comprehensive energy and climate change legislation NOW!


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