Shop Consciously!


One of the reasons why I like to cook from scratch is so that I don’t support companies that I disagree with unknowingly. Did you know that Altria, formerly known as Phillip Morris, owns Kraft Foods? I don’t care what other people do. If you choose to smoke, fine with me. Just don’t smoke around me. If you buy Kraft Foods products, go for it. But I choose not to support Kraft Foods because I don’t like smoking. I have no need for its products anyway. I make almost everything from scratch.

Recently Eddy and I added Whole Foods to the list of companies that we refuse to support. In August 2009, John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, wrote an op-ed against health care reform that appeared on the Wall Street Journal. Eddy and I believe this country needs health care reform. I have a physician and nurse as my parents and spent half of my childhood in Japan where there is a universal health care. After moving to the United States, my father advised every Japanese who came to see him to go back to Japan if he or she needs care. My father whose lab was located inside a VA hospital felt this country treated its veterans poorly.

I, along with Eddy, feel strongly that this country needs health care reform. We know some people disagree. Some of them are our family members and friends. Those of you who know us know that we love vibrant discourses. We view disagreements to be a good thing at times.

We, however, believe we don’t have to hand over our hard earned dollars to companies whose views are vastly different from ours. So, we stopped shopping at Whole Foods. And we don’t miss a thing! We only went there once a month anyway.

In fact, when we found out that the Whole Foods CEO told the New Yorker that “no scientific consensus exists” about the causes of climate change, we were very glad that we made the choice that we made.

By cooking from scratch and shopping locally, Eddy and I have opted out of the system that includes companies like Whole Foods and Phillip Morris. Oh, we’ve also opted out of Wal-Mart, Tyson, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Barnes & Noble, and The Gap. Quite frankly, we don’t miss a thing!

Every dollar you spend affects the world you live in, so shop consciously. Go green and opt out of the system!


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