Preservation Technique: Chest Freezer

freezerSome posts are worth repeating.

In Holy Cows & Hog Heaven, Joel Salatin writes that he does not trust a locavore without a freezer. I wouldn’t go as far as Salatin, but I do wonder how people eat local in winter without a chest freezer.

Eddy and I would have never been able to eat as local as we do without our freezer. It’s one of the best investments we made in our quest to become more sustainable. We eat locally throughout the year, and we go to the store less because we have food at home.

And a chest freezer makes harvest preservation a BREEZE! I worked full-time when I preserved all the food that I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

The drawback to freezing is that chest freezers use electricity. When buying a chest freezer, choose an energy efficient model. To compare different models of chest freezers, consult the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Star appliances page. Before you buy a new chest freezer, check out the Craigslist or your local classified for a used one.

This coming season, preserve harvest by using a freezer!


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