Tuesday To-Do: Little Rock Green Drinks


Happy hour with a “green” twist! Little Rock Green Drinks meets once a month to discuss earth-friendly ideas and goals. The event is held 2nd Tuesday of every month from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Dizzy’s Gypsy Bistro(200 Commerce Street #150, 72201) in Little Rock. Come out and socialize with others iterested in sustainability and the environment! For more information, contact Pam Choate at pam.choate@gmail.com.


3 responses to “Tuesday To-Do: Little Rock Green Drinks

  1. Nao,
    I like your site and was given the URL by a friend in Texarkana. I’m from North Little Rock and was wandering about a schedule of events for solar energy. Do you know of any? Thanks Tim

  2. Hi – I’ve been a reader for almost a year. And hope you’re just on vacation and haven’t stopped blogging. 🙂

    I couldn’t find “contact” info so I thought I’d leave a comment. Would you be willing to announce Little Rock’s chapter meeting for the Weston A Price Foundation? You can find more info at:

    thanks – Julie

  3. Hi, Julie!

    Thanks for reading & sorry about delay in responding. April was a hectic month for me, so I took a break.

    WAPF meeting will on the blog tomorrow. Due to a previous commitment, I won’t be able to make it, but hopefully, I can in the future. I worked with WAPF when I was trying to pass a bill to legalize incidental sales of raw milk.

    I’ll also link the blog.

    Again, thanks so much for reading!

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