Make Your Own Feta!


I’ve been turning local goat milk into cheese for some time. So, imagine my grief when my goat milk lady told me that she plans to get rid of her girls. Fortunately, I soon found a different goat milk lady, so cheesemaking is back on!

I usually make chèvre with goat milk, but from time to time, I make feta. Making feta is easy with Ricki Carroll’s Feta recipe. I uploaded the recipe to the Recipes section, so check it out!

I believe making feta at home helps reduce my environmental footprint. First, I use local farm-fresh goat milk to make my feta, thus no energy to ship cheese from afar. Second, my feta comes with no packaging. Lastly, I make my own cheese, so I know what’s in it. My new goat milk lady, just like the previous one, uses no antibiotics or growth hormones. I refuse to use any preservative or artificial flavoring. My cheese is just cheese – the way it’s supposed to be.

And, I save lots of money by making my own feta. I pay $9 for a gallon of goat milk, and I get about a pound of feta from it. In comparison, most grocery stores charge anywhere between $3.99 to $4.99 for about 4 ounces of feta.

So, eat locally and save money by making your own cheese!


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