We Have a New Fridge!

Our new fridge - Photo Courtesy of Lowe's (where we bought our fridge)

So, Eddy and I have caulked our home, installed radiant barrier, finished insulating the attice, and bought an energy efficient heating and air system. What else could we do to lower our energy use?

One thing that we did is to replace out 1995 refrigerator with a newer, more energy efficient one.

Recently, the Arkansas Energy Office raised the rebate amount for energy efficient refrigerators from $125 to $275. We decided to take advantage of it and bought a new fridge.

After much research, Eddy and I decided on a 2010 Frigidaire Tier 3 Energy Star refrigerator that uses 335 kWh of electricity annually and costs $36 to operate.

Our old fridge leaked water from timeto time. Moreover, it had a tendency to freeze some of my fresh produce.

Nothing makes you madder than buying fresh local produce at a farmers’ market only to have your fridge freeze them.

After several unsuccessful attempts to repair it by our repairman (who I call Superman), we finally decided to replace it. We crunched the numbers and concluded that a $500 fridge minus $275 state rebate amounts to $225 for a very energy efficient fridge.

Since Eddy and I are on a mission to reduce our kWh use, we felt like it was worth $225 to reduce our energy use AND have a fridge that does not leak or freeze fresh local produce.

So far, Eddy and I are loving our new fridge! We’ll report back after we have several months worth of utility bills to compare how much energy and money that we saved.


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