Wednesday To-Do: Keep It LOCAL! Keep It REAL! Panel Discussion & Roundtable

WHAT: Keep it LOCAL! Keep it REAL! Panel Discussion & Roundtable.

WHEN: Wednesday, August 25 – 5:30-7:30 p.m.

WHERE: Fayetteville Public Library (401 W. Mountain) in Fayetteville


  • Shelly Buoniauto will talk about Local Currencies and why they can be so important to stimulating the local economies.
  • Martin Jardon will talk about his nonprofit, Fayetteville Community Exchange Bank, where members exchange services.
  • Rich Creyer with Local Trade Partners will talk about his local currency that got started earlier in this year that has swelled to over 250 member partners in Washington and Benton Counties.
  • Local Small Businessman (to be announced) will talk about importance of patronizing small business and the multiplier effects of how those dollars get retained in the local economies.
  • Local City of Fayetteville Official (to be announced) will talk about the importance of patronizing businesses within Fayetteville to provide necessary sales tax revenue which in turn go toward city services, police, fire, parks, streets, sidewalks, trails, etc.

Co-hosted by Fayetteville Forward Green Economy Group, the event will be televised, shown on CAT, (Community Access Television), Channel 18.

For information, contact Mikel Lolley at (479) 841-7801.


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