Borrow Books & Movies from Library

I borrowed Ben Hewitt’s The Town That Food Saved from the Central Arkansas Library System. Eddy and I think that the practice of buying books is obsolete unless you plan to use them over and over again. In recent years, we have only bought cookbooks and books that help us go green. Our bookshelf has a cheesemaking book next to a soapmaking book and a beer brewing book next to a tree identification book. (We forage, so we need to know our trees.) When people look at our bookshelf, they must think we’re a bit different!

Fortunately, we live very close to a library, so we walk there to borrow books all the time. Eddy and I rarely watch movies, but we’ve noticed that Central Arkansas Library System also has pretty good DVD collection that includes Who Killed the Electric Car and Blue Vinyl. And best of all, you can borrow them for free!

So, treat yourself to free entertainment and reduce consumption. Borrow books and movies from your local library!


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