Track Your Energy Use with Earth Aid!

Eddy and I are obsessed with reducing our energy use. We have spent last several years weatherizing our 1,450 square-feet home that was built in 1917. We learned during our first energy audit that previous owners had installed double-pane windows and insulated the walls. Eddy and I added a radiant barrier to our attic, finished insulating it, installed a 16 SEER HVAC system, sealed our ducts, and caulked and caulked and caulked. We have low flow showerheads and low flow aerators that help reduce our water and energy use. All of our light bulbs are either CFLs or LEDs. We have a very few appliances, and appliances that we have are Energy Star. Our heating, stoves, water heater, and clothes dryer are gas, which are more efficient than electric ones.

We love to see our energy use go down. We’re also curious about how much energy our friends and neighbors use. Earth Aid helps you track your energy use and compare your usage to others.

Here’s how it works. You sign up for an Earth Aid account by logging on to You link your utility accounts to Earth Aid’s platform (the information shared is protected by a strict privacy agreement), which allows Earth Aid to compare your current energy consumption to that of the previous year. Using the previous year’s utility bill as a baseline, Earth Aid calculates your energy savings. You can even compare your usage to friends and neighbors with Earth Aid accounts. How cool is that?

Another cool thing about Earth Aid is that it pays you to save energy. For every kilowatt hour of electricity and 10 cubic feet of natural gas saved, Earth Aid will give you a point that, like airline miles, can be accrued and redeemed at more than 230 businesses nationwide. The Body Shops participates in the Earth Aid Rewards Program, as do Walton Arts Center, Courtyard Marriott, I.M. Spa, and Arkansas Yoga Center, all businesses in Fayetteville.

No Earth Aid Rewards Partners near you? You can either recruit local businesses to become Earth Aid Rewards Partners or earn cash payments by turning your energy savings into carbon credits and trading them in the carbon market, something Earth Aid does for you.

Earth Aid is a free service that makes energy conservation fun and rewarding. Join today!

One response to “Track Your Energy Use with Earth Aid!

  1. Nao, I hope you and Eddy get solar panels too. You will be glad you did.

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