Pics of Our Front Yard Edible & Native Plants Garden

Parsley pot on our front steps.

Mavaviscus arboreus, or Turk's turban. Turk's turban is native to Arkansas and is an outstanding hummingbird plant.

Close up of Turk's turban.

Native goldenrods. Goldenrods bloom in fall and provide nectar to pollinators.

Many asters also bloom in fall. This is Aster paludosus, or Prairie aster.

Aster sagittifolius, or Arrowleafed aster.

Polemonium reptans, or Jacob's ladder. They bear lovely blue flowers in early summer.

Polystichum acrostichoides, or Christmas fern. Ferns don't flower, but their evergreen foliage provide color in fall and winter.

Lavender isn't native to Arkansas, but they smell wonderful AND can be eaten. Other edibles that I have in my front yard include oregano, rosemary, thyme, mountain mint (native to Arkansas), and chives.

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