No matter how many steps you have taken to reduce your environmental footprint, you will inevitably run up against limits to individual actions. Right now I don’t have the option to buy renewable energy from my utility providers. Many of the roads that I bike have no bike lane. Buses come once every half an hour, and the service ends early in the evening. The United States still has no comprehensive climate and energy policy. My car still runs on foreign gasoline.

Individual actions just aren’t enough to protect the environment. That’s why it’s so important to cast your vote. People we elect could protect the environment or destroy it. They could promote renewable energy or offshore drilling. They could raise or lower vehicle fuel efficiency standards. They could fight climate change or deny it.

Some people think there is little to no difference among candidates regarding their environmental positions. I disagree. Oftentimes, there are significant differences. Check your candidates’ environmental positions by visiting Project Vote Smart’s website at

Voting takes only a few minutes, but impacts are ever-lasting. So, get out and vote today!


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