Twelve AR Companies Receive $3.14 Million through AR Green Technology Grant Program

The Arkansas Energy Office (AEO), a division of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission, yesterday announced 12 Arkansas companies will receive a total of $3.14 million through the Arkansas Green Technology Grant program. The grants go toward assisting companies that make or sell products that contribute to renewable energy production or storage, energy efficiency or reduction of energy use in the state’s economy.

These grants are funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and administered by the AEO.

“These grants will help Arkansans build renewable-energy companies, and will make existing companies more energy-efficient and cost-effective,” Governor Mike Beebe said. “The program is spread throughout the state, and will benefit both the current operations and future endeavors of these companies.”

Green Technology grants were provided to the following companies:

  • AERT – Lowell: $190,000 for replacement of high energy use recycling equipment.
  • AmerCable – El Dorado: $675,000 for installation of an additional product line for components used in solar panel construction.
  • LGW Inc. – Fayetteville: $290,496 for a pilot project to demonstrate battery-based storage systems.
  • EcoMembrane USA – North Little Rock: $315,000 to manufacture biomembranes for methane gas capture and utilization.
  • Phigenics – Fayetteville: $300,000 for build out of a water analysis facility in commercial and industrial cooling towers and heat exchangers that will directly save 15 to 25 percent per facility in utility costs.
  • NextGen Illumination – Fayetteville: $337,500 for a statewide demonstration of LED lighting.
  • Columbia Forest Products – Trumann: $100,047 for the retrofit of existing boilers to supply heating steam to three on-site buildings.
  • Cooper Power Systems – Fayetteville: $60,000 to replace an annealing oven with a high-efficiency oven.
  • Bekaert – Fayetteville: $100,000 for a facility lighting retrofit.
  • AP Fabrications – Stuttgart and Danville: $109,345 for a demonstration of their new economizer (an additional heat exchange that takes waste heat from a boiler to heat water or air) design.
  • Global Manufacturing – Little Rock: $315,000 for retrofit of a roof to allow conversion of the space to a year-round manufacturing facility.
  • Flexsteel – Harrison: $257,264 for a facility lighting and HVAC retrofit with significant energy savings.

For more information on the Green Technology Grant program, along with additional ARRA programs, visit


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