Just Say NO to Paper! Dry Your Hands with Washcloths

After watching the film No Impact Man and reading Colin Bevan’s book by the same title, I became inspired to make additional changes in my life to reduce my environmental footprint. I overcame my fear of biking on a busy street to get to work. I also started carrying washcloths so that I wouldn’t have to use trees or energy to dry my hands.

Think it’s easy to switch from paper towels to washcloths? Think again. I found myself forgetting to take it with me every time I went to the bathroom.

Beavan writes in his book that it takes about a month for a person to form a new habit. I agree. Now that I’ve been carrying washcloths for about a month, I rarely leave home without one.

So, just say NO to paper and electricity. Dry your hands with washcloths!

5 responses to “Just Say NO to Paper! Dry Your Hands with Washcloths

  1. I commend you. However, living without electricity is going to be a huge challenge. Though, it is the little things that make a difference, and this towel idea is a good one. Nice post.

  2. This is something that would be very easy to incorporate yet I had never thought of it. I always use towels at home but never thought to carry them with. Thanks for a great idea!

  3. Thanks, Tim, for reading! I tried to carry washcloths before but failed miserably. So, this is actually my second attempt at carrying them. Remembering to take them is the biggest obstacle. I kept telling myself, “One month, one month.”

    Hope it works for you, and again, thanks for reading!

  4. Excellent post and a great suggestion. I’ve recently switched our house from paper napkins at the table to cloth. It was a very hard switch, but one I think will be worthwhile.

  5. Thanks, Rachel, for reading! That’s great that you switched from paper napkins to cloth napkins. It’s hard at the beginning, but one step at a time, right?

    Thanks again for reading!

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