I’m Thankful for…

  • Everyone who has read or reads my blog, Thanks for all the comments and encouragements!
  • My friends, both old and new. What would I do without you guys?
  • Our chickens, Paris Hilton, Alpha Ueda, Beta Ueda, and Gamma Ueda, and our duck, Ueda Go. Thanks for eating bugs, fertilizing the land, and giving us eggs. You guys have been great companions!
  • Our bees for pollinating plants. I would appreciate in the future, though, if you would refrain from stinging my head and between my thighs. They hurt.
  • Our cats, Baby and Lulu, for putting up with the humans, chickens, duck, and bees. Actually, we humans do more putting up, but if I say that, I think they will pee on our bed.
  • Local farmers and producers who feed us, most notably all the farmers at the Certified Arkansas Farmers’ Market, all the Asian vendors at the River Market Farmers’ Market, and the Arkansas Sustainability Network Local Food Club.
  • Local businesses. Thank you for services that you provide and for investing in my community!
  • Arkansas’s natural beauty that inspires me in countless ways.
  • Local green activisits. I can’t list all of them because Arkansas has so many, but that’s a good thing.
  • My partner in crime, Eddy. I love you very much.


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