AR Democrat Gazette: Fayetteville Solar Company Wins Award at Clean Technology Business Competition

From the November 25, 2010 edition of Arkansas Democrat Gazette:

Silicon Solar Solutions LLC of Fayetteville became the 2010 “People’s Choice” business competition winner at the Cleantech Open National Awards Gala and Expo in San Jose, California.

The startup technology business founded in December 2008 was among 18 finalists selected from 271 applicants looking to compete in one of the world’s largest clean technology business competitions.

The event is touted as allowing investors to preview clean-technology businesses and meet ready-to-be-funded entrepreneurs, according to its website.

Douglas Hutchings, Silicon Solar Solutions’ chief executive officer, said his team won $15,000 in cash and $15,000 in services for being a finalist. Stephen Ritterbush, Brent Bertlesen and Seth Shumate were the other team members.

Hutchings said in a news release that many opportunities and professional connections will be given to the company as a result of the win.

Silicon Solar Solutions has developed a metal-induced crystallization process that lowers the amount of heat needed to make a silicon photovoltaic cell, which converts sunlight into electricity.

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