Midway. Message from the Gyre

I’m about to ruin your holiday spirit. If you are easily offended, I highly recommend against watching this video, or at least watch it in privacy of your home.

I learned about this video while taking an Arkansas Earth Institute discussion course called A World of Health: Connecting People, Place and Planet. The six-session course explored the connections between human health and the environment, and how we can sustain both. I learned a lot from the course, both good and bad. Our love affair with plastic and its impact on the environment are astounding. This video illustrates one of the consequences of our love affair.

Chris Jordan photographed rotting carcasses of baby albatrosses filled with plastic. These birds nest on Midway Atoll and are being fed plastic by their parents, who find floating plastic in the middle of the ocean and mistake it for food. The photographs are a part of an ongoing arts and media project called Midway Journey, which has its own website.

As we head into the final weekend before Christmas, let’s be mindful of our consumption and its impact on the environment.


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