Just Say NO to Plastic! Carry Reusable Produce & Bulk Item Bags

After watching the film No Impact Man and reading Colin Bevan’s book by the same title, I became inspired to make additional changes in my life to reduce my environmental footprint. I overcame my fear of biking on a busy street to get to work. I started carrying washcloths so that I wouldn’t have to use trees or energy to dry my hands. I also started carrying reusable produce and bulk item bags.

I can’t stand plastic bags, so I never use one to take home produce like apples and peppers. I must admit, though, some smaller items such as cherry tomatoes and mushrooms are more convenient in a bag. Some farmers at my market insist on bagging wet produce like lettuce and basil.

I’ve been thinking for some time on how to prevent plastic produce and bulk item bags from entering our house. That’s when I read about reusable produce and bulk item bags in the book No Impact Man. I knew I had to give them a try.

I bought the bags from several different vendors. Conclusion? They’re AWESOME!!! They work just like reusable grocery bags. You take them to farmers’ markets and stores, and you use them instead of plastic or paper bags to take home produce, grains, and bulk items. After you empty the contents, you throw the bags into your laundry hamper for washing and drying.

After testing bags made by several different vendors, my favorite so far are those made by ECOBAGS. ECOBAGS’ I Love Dirt bags are so lightweight that they add a minimum amount of weight when weighing them on a scale.

So, if you are like me and want to say NO to plastic and paper bags, give reusable produce and bulk item bags a try!


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