If You Must Use Plastic Bags…


I try to minimize the use of plastic bags, but since I freeze lots of local produce, I confess, I have plastic freezer bags around the house. I reuse every one of them, though, thanks to this nifty device. After I finish using frozen local produce, I wash the bag and put it on my plastic bag dryer to dry it. I then reuse the bag to freeze more produce.

Plastic bag dryers cost less than $20 each, so they’re easy on your wallet as well as the environment. Several retailers, including Gaiam, sell them, so compare prices before you buy.


One response to “If You Must Use Plastic Bags…

  1. I actually made one of these for my friend. I got 2-3 dowels (cut in 1/3s or 1/2 (I can’t remember)) and a piece of scrap wood (about 6″x8″). I then got a drill bit in the same size as the dowels (or the dowels in the same size as a bit I already had?), marked on the drill bit with tape about 1/2 the thickness of the wood (as to not drill all the way through), drilled 6 holes, added some glue, stuck in the dowels and viola! Cost a couple of bucks for the dowels – I had everything else.

    After giving it away, now I just use my wooden spoons (they stick out of a canister) and hang the bags over those. It totally works too.

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