Just Say NO to Ziplock! Carry Wrap-N-Mats & snackTAXIs





A couple of years ago, Eddy’s sister Kathy gave me Wrap-N-Mats and snackTAXIs for Christmas. I must say, they rank in my list of Top 5 Best Christmas Presents of All Time.

What are Wrap-N-Mats and snackTAXIs? They are basically reusable Ziplock bags. Wrap-N-Mat holds your sandwich and becomes your place mat when you eat. snackTAXI holds everything from chips to nuts to sugar snap peas. After you eat, you clean them, and they are ready for the next day.

So, if you’re like me and want to say NO to Ziplock, switch to Wrap-N-Mats and snackTAXIs!

For more information about Wrap-N-Mats, visit www.wrap-n-mat.com. For more information about snackTAXIs, visit www.snacktaxi.com.


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