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Friday To-Do: President of American Petroleum Institute to Speak at Clinton School

American Petroleum Institute (API) President Jack Gerard will give a Clinton School lecture about his industry’s role in the American economy, particularly its ability to create jobs. The oil and natural gas industry is responsible for 9.2 million American jobs, according to API, the national trade association representing the oil and natural gas industry.

API is also responsible for killing federal climate and energy legislation by funding the likes of Claiborne Deming, former Murphy Oil CEO. Deming traveled all over Arkansas to spread the gospel that the cap-and-trade bill will kill the U.S. economy. Between January 2009 and June 2010, API spent $11 million to lobby Congress to defeat pollution reductions and to maintain tax loopholes. During the same period, the oil industry spent $543 million to lobby Congress.

WHEN: Friday, October 22 – 12 p.m.

WHERE: University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service – Sturgis Hall

Reserve your seats by emailing publicprograms@clintonschool.uasys.edu or calling (501)683-5239.