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Green Giving: Give Experience! Part 3

The Green Giving series was originally scheduled to resume Monday, but due to the unexpected illness of the author, it has been pushed back to today. Sorry about that!

My recent illness reminded me the importance of health. How about for this holiday season, you give a gift of health instead of “stuff”? For example…

Yoga Classes

I LOVE yoga. Yoga helps tone my muscles and make me more flexible. After a yoga lesson, I always feel more calm and peaceful.

So, this holiday season, why not give a gift of yoga to your special someone?

I haven’t been to a lesson in ages due to my busy schedule. (That’s probably why I was sick!) I plan to go back very soon, and when I do, I’ll be back at the Yoga Studio of Little Rock. Cliff Riggs who runs the studio is an amazing instructor. He and his instructors teach Hatha yoga to people of all skill levels. If you are new to yoga, I highly recommend Yoga Studio of Little Rock.

Other yoga studios that I recommend are Barefoot Studio (Little Rock) and Floating Lotus Yoga (Hot Springs). Check them out!

Gym Membership

It’s cold outside! When it’s cold, I tend to shy away from outdoor activities. But with the holiday (sugar) season upon us, we cannot afford to not work out. Gym memberships, though, can be a bit pricey.

So, how about for this holiday season you give a gift of gym membership? Many gyms offer discounts and special rates during this time of the year, so be sure to shop around to find something that fits for your special someone.


Who doesn’t like massages? I often wish someone would give me a trip to a masseuse. Really, who needs “stuff” when you can get a massage?

So, those are some of my ideas on how to give experience instead of “stuff” this holiday season. The Green Giving series will continue next week with more ideas, so stay tuned!